Infections and Networking: A Bad Combination

Please make sure you update your anti-virus definitions before using the UNC network.

Windows users: ITS recommends Microsoft's security products for virus and malware protection. Personal computers with Windows 8 have Windows Defender built-in. Personal computers with Windows 7 can install Microsoft Security Essentials. University-owned computers should install Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection.

Mac users: ITS recommends that Macintosh users install ClamXav antivirus software on their computers.


In order for a computer to use the Internet, it must have a valid, unique Internet Address (a.k.a. IP number), and it must be configured to use the gateway that connects the local network to the rest of the Internet. A certain set of IP numbers are reserved for use by computers on UNC's campus. Your computer needs to be configured to use one of these IP numbers.

DHCP (DYNAMIC HOST CONFIGURATION PROTOCOL) provides a way for your computer to get a unique IP number and gateway information dynamically from the network itself whenever you try to use the Internet. It lets your computer configure itself so you don't have to.

To fill out the DHCP (DYNAMIC HOST CONFIGURATION PROTOCOL) registration form, you need to have several pieces of information in hand. In particular, you will need:

Connecting to the UNC Network — Getting Started

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